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We understand that smart contract security is crucial for the success of any blockchain-based project, which is why we have developed Scrutify, a powerful tool that helps you ensure the security of your smart contracts. With our product, Scrutify, we offer both basic and in-depth analysis of smart contracts to identify vulnerabilities and potential risks.

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Our Audit Process

At Novvr, we have a team of experienced security experts who use cutting-edge tools and techniques to conduct comprehensive analysis of smart contracts. We start with a basic audit, which is available for free, and then move on to a more in-depth pro audit if needed. Our process includes:

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Why Smart Contract Auditing is Important

As the use of smart contracts continues to grow, so does the potential for security breaches and financial losses. Smart contract vulnerabilities have been responsible for the loss of millions of dollars in the past. By conducting a thorough audit, you can protect yourself and your assets from these risks.

Total incidents in 2022
Total amount lost to DeFi hacks in 2022

Possible Consequences of Not Auditing

Don’t let a lack of smart contract security put your assets at risk. Neglecting to audit your contracts can lead to devastating consequences, including financial loss, reputational damage, and loss of trust in the industry. Trust our team at Novvr to ensure the safety and security of your smart contracts.

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Loss of Funds

Without an audit, there is no way to ensure that the contract is free from errors or vulnerabilities, which can lead to the loss of funds

Reputational Damage

Potentially damage reputation and making it difficult to attract future investment or users.

Legal Liabilities

It can lead to potential legal action from users or investors who have lost funds as a result,

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What to Expect From Our Audit Report

We design report to be easy to read and understand for both technical and non-technical stakeholders


This section gives an overview of the smart contract audit, including the purpose and objectives of the audit, as well as any relevant background information.

Scope of the Audit

This section outlines the specific areas of the smart contract that were analyzed during the audit. It may include information on the contract’s functionality, codebase, and overall security posture.

Vulnerability Indicators

This section lists the various indicators of vulnerabilities that were considered during the audit. They are typically represented by a set of labels, such as Critical, High, Medium, and Low, which indicate the level of risk that the vulnerability poses to the smart contract or system being audited.

Vulnerability Detectors

This section lists the various detectors and common attack vectors, known vulnerabilities, and other factors that may indicate a potential security issue. We use these detectors to detect vulnerabilities in the smart contract.

Findings & Recommendations

This section provides a detailed report on the vulnerabilities that were identified during the audit, including their severity and potential impact. It also includes recommendations for mitigating or resolving the identified issues.

Scrutify Score

This section provides a score or rating for the smart contract. The Scrutify score is a numerical rating, on a scale of 0 to 5, that is determined by evaluating various factors such as the number of lines of code and the severity and confidence levels of any identified vulnerabilities. The score is divided into the following categories: Poor (0-1.49), Low (1.5-2.99), Average (3-4.49), and Good (>4.5).


This section includes any necessary legal or professional disclosures, including any limitations on the scope of the audit or any potential biases in the audit results.

Frequently Asked Questions

A smart contract audit is a process of reviewing and testing the security and functionality of a smart contract to identify any potential vulnerabilities or bugs that could lead to loss of funds or other security issues.

A smart contract audit is important to ensure that the contract is secure and functions as intended. If a contract is not audited and a vulnerability is exploited, it could result in the loss of funds or other security issues.

Scrutify uses a combination of manual code review and automated testing tools to conduct a comprehensive security and functionality audit of the smart contract. Our team of experienced auditors will review the code, test the contract on various networks, and provide detailed findings and recommendations.

Scrutify offers two types of smart contract audits: Basic Audit and Pro Audit. Basic Audit provides a high-level overview of the contract, while Pro Audit includes an in-depth analysis and comprehensive results.

The duration of a smart contract audit depends on the complexity of the contract and the level of audit being performed. A Basic Audit can typically be completed within a few hours, while a Pro Audit may take up to a couple of days.




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